Ghost Guns™ specializes in private weapons buildt for  you.

Ghost Guns™ specializes in private weapon builds you can do yourself. … THE PURCHASE OF “GHOST GUNS” OR “GHOST GUN” PARTS FOR ASSEMBLY.



In general, a “ghost gun” is any kind of firearm made at home from materials not already considered firearms under the law. There are no exact, legal definitions of “80% receivers” or “unfinished firearms,” but ghost guns are most often made from these.

The media and politicians would like to spread the mistaken belief that the only legal way to acquire a gun is to buy one from a dealer or a private sale. While state laws for building privately made firearms vary, in general, federal law does not (nor has it ever) required Americans to serialize or register guns they build for themselves.

vary, in general, federal law does not (nor has it ever) required Americans to serialize or register guns they build for themselves.

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Ghost Gun Kit

A growing phenomenon among gun aficionados is the emergence of ghost gun kits. With the help of these kits, anyone may build their own guns from the ground up, making it a personalized and

distinctive experience. This piece delves into the realm of ghost gun kits, examining their characteristics, potential legal ramifications, and the increasing curiosity surrounding them.

Understanding Ghost Gun Kits

Ghost gun kits include everything needed to manufacture a firearm, usually in the form of an incomplete receiver, barrel, trigger assembly, and other necessary parts. With the help of these kits, aficionados may assemble working rifles on their own without needing specialist tools or a lot of training.

Benefits and Customization

The degree of customization available with ghost gun kits is one of its main benefits. Gun enthusiasts can customize a firearm to suit their tastes by choosing different parts, coatings, and accessories. For individuals who are enthusiastic about weapons, this level of personalization makes for a distinctive and fulfilling experience.