Aves FMDA DD17.2 Rail Kit

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Aves Rails is pleased to offer the first commercially available rail kit for the next generation of printed Glock style frame. The FMDA DD17.2 is the most versatile and strongest design available today.
The front rails for this kit are the same high quality and high tolerance rails that are offered in the original FMDA G17 rail kit. The rear rails are an all new design specific to the various DDxx.2 frames. Made from high quality stainless steel. Precision formed to fit your frame perfectly every time. The rear rails are supported by the frame as well as the trigger components. Because of this we have developed a holder to be used in transit to protect your rear rails until they are ready to be installed. This ensures they are the proper size upon delivery, providing you with the easiest assembly of any printed frame.
To complete a DD17.2 frame you will need these rails, a lower parts kit for a gen 3 G17 and a compatible slide for a gen 3 G17.

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