G0 Grip Module


*Lead time is currently 8-10 weeks*

The G0 grip module is a SLS printed grip that the G0 chassis installs into, in order to complete the lower part of the G0 pistol.

This product also includes the G0 Special Parts kit, a series of pins and springs required to secure the G19 LPK into the milled G0 chassis. These are:

  • 1x rear FCG pin: 3mm diameter, 18mm long dowel pin
  • 1x front FCG pin: 4mm diameter, 22mm long dowel pin
  • 2x grip module pins: 3mm diameter, 28mm long slotted spring pin (these replace the dowel pins in the G19 Gen 3 LPK)
  • 1x slide lock spring: 0.12″ OD, 0.016″ wire, 0.25″ long coil spring

This grip module is made from high-quality SLS, which is heat resistant and will facilitate G0 longevity. You can also print your own grip module at home using the file available for free at DEFCAD.com.


Note: this product does not include the pins needed to install the assembled chassis into the grip module. These pins are instead included in any G19 Gen 3-style lower parts kit.