GG3-S Deposit / Optic Kit All-In-One


Download and learn more about the Optic Cut Library at!

Upgrade your workshop and enhance your capabilities with the GG3-S! This product contains everything you need to begin performing your own pistol slide optic cuts. 

**Note: this GG3-S deposit will secure your spot in line for a GG3-S. You will be contacted after your order to pay your GG3-S in full.**

This includes:

  • GG3-S Deposit
  • Optic cut kit (includes tools and cutcode)
  • Universal clamps

GG3-S can also be used for the following common firearms enhancements:

  • Engraving for lower receivers and frames
  • Skeletonizing upper and lower receivers
  • Milling RMR, DOCTER, RMS/RMSc and MOS Footprints
  • More to come!

The GG3-S can also be used to mill AR-00 and G0 0% receivers, and it can finish common 80% receivers (AR-15, AR-308, M1911, Polymer 80 frames and AK-47 lowers)

Notice: Ghost Gunner CNC machines are not currently available to non-FFL California customers. We recommend alternative CNC suppliers. California FFLs may contact us at for ordering information.