SIG Sauer P320 Standard Height Sights: XRAY3 Round Notch 8/8 Kit

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SIG Sauer P320 Standard Height XRAY3 Sights, Round Notch, 8 & 8, NEW.

This is a set of new SIG P320 standard-height front and rear sights for the P320 slides, #8 Front and #8 Rear. These sights will work with most Factory SIG P320 9/40/357/45 slides and the same sights that come on most full-size and compact slides. Rear sight features round notch for quick sight alignment. Ideal for use with factory and aftermarket slides. Should fit most P320 slides or aftermarket P320 slides with factory dovetails. May fit other P-Series pistols (P220 .45, P226 .40, P938).

Includes: SIG Sauer P320 Standard Height XRAY3, round notch sight set (#8 front and #8 rear).

No Slide, chamber flag, grip, etc. included


PLEASE NOTE: The higher the front size number, the lower the height of the sight. For the rear sight, the higher the number (i.e. 8), the higher the height of the sight.

EXAMPLE: If you wanted a taller front sight post and a taller rear sight, choose a #6 front sight / #8 rear sight. #8 front / #8 rear point of aim would be higher than #6 front /#8 rear.